Link to Windows | Phone Link to Windows

Link to Windows refers to access to everything on Android desktop devices, such as chatting or sharing with someone. You can simply perform all the tasks you perform on your Android device.

With the help of “Phone Link to Windows,” you can send texts, see recent photos, check notifications, and also use your favorite Android application on a Windows device. Simply connect your two devices to the same Microsoft account and transfer or share content between the two devices.

What do you understand by Link to Windows?

With this technique, you can simply check the shared, synced content. There is high-level connectivity with Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud service. This is a seamlessly unique transition, such as changing the 4G connection to 5G.

Windows users can simply pause their work and also answer calls, use apps, and send photos, movies, or other files to their Windows devices via Phone Link to Windows.

Effective Features of Link to Windows:

  • Simply make or receive calls on your desktop device.
  • Manage all the Android phone’s notifications with a PC.
  • Get access to all your favorite programs and applications.
  • Check all the notifications or messages and reply to them.
  • Drag all the Android file files between your Windows and Android.
  • Copy and paste content between your Windows and Android devices.
  • Instantly access all the photos and videos on Android and Windows.
  • Use your PC’s bigger screen, keyboard, mouse, and touchscreen to make it more interactive.

Basic System Requirements: Link to Windows

Android Phone Requirements: The Android device must be running Android 7.0 or later.

Windows Requirements: Windows must be running Windows 10 or any compatible version of Windows.

Steps to Link Android Phone with Windows Device:

To connect an Android device to Windows, you just need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Open the Play Store and launch “Phone Link to Windows” on both devices.
    NOTE: You can also download and install “Your Phone App” through the Microsoft Store.
  2. Open the application on a Windows device and sign into your Microsoft account.
  3. Enter the username, email, and password for successful signing in.
  4. It will ask you to select the device you want to connect with and select Android.
  5. A QR code appears on Windows and opens the Quick Panel.
  6. Select the Link to Windows option.
  7. On your Android device, tap on the Link to Window to turn it on.
  8. Tap on the Microsoft Account and sign in with the same username or email and password.
  9. After successfully signing in, click on the link in the Android and PC options.
  10. Tap on the Continue option and scan the QR code on your Android device.
  11. You’ve successfully connected both devices.